How to use WpDiscuz with Postmatic

WpDiscuz is a commenting plugin which provides a clean and fast native comment experience on any WordPress theme. 

The configuration of WpDiscuz for use with Postmatic is a little confusing. Here is a tutorial for how to get started.

Install WpDiscuz

WpDiscuz can be found in the WordPress repo. Installation is just like any other plugin.

Battle the checkboxes

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Comments > WpDiscuz Settings.

On the Email Subscription and Postmatic tab, you will find a series of checkboxes that govern subscription settings. Check the boxes next to Disable subscription confirmation for registered users and Use Postmatic for subscriptions and commenting by email. Make sure that the other two boxes remain unchecked.

When you're done, be sure to click on the Save Changes button.

Update the language

At this time, there is no phrase customization option for Postmatic in WpDiscuz. This will be added to a future release of WpDiscuz.

However, you can find the Participate in this discussion via email phrase in the /wpdiscuz/utils/class.WpdiscuzHelper.php file and change it to whatever you prefer.

That's it!

We look forward to further integration between Postmatic and WpDiscuz in the future.

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