Viewing Subscriber Information

Now that you have all of these folks following your blog you are going to want to know who they are, what they subscribe to, and how to pull them into other systems.

  1. To do so check out the Users menu in your WordPress dashboard. From your dashboard, scroll down until you see the Users option on the left side of the screen.
  2. After you've clicked through to the Users screen, you'll see a list of all of the users on your site.
  3. For those who have subscribed to your blog, you'll see Subscriber listed under the Role column.
  4. Under Postmatic Subscriptions, you'll see who has subscribed to your new posts, certain authors, or just conversations on certain posts.

What? Certain conversations?

Oh, right. The subscription widget is context-aware. If the widget is on a generic page (such as /blog) it will prompt the user to subscribe to all site updates. If it is on an author archive page, it will let the user subscribe to just posts by that author. And, if it is on a single post, it will let users subscribe to comments on that post. Nifty. All of that is reflected on the Users screen. You can see what kind of content each user subscribes to.

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