Importing Users from Mailpoet

In Settings > Postmatic, click on the Import from Mailpoet tab. Select the list you wish to import, then click on the Import from Mailpoet button. This is a single click process which will quietly migrate all of your Mailpoet subscribers and turn them into Postmatic subscribers. Your Mailpoet subscribers will always be available to you provided you have Mailpoet activated.

We have a very strict policy regarding user imports: we will never allow anyone to be subscribed to a blog running Postmatic without them having opted in (such as subscriber lists bought and imported in bulk for spamming). Because of this we will not import any Mailpoet subscribers unless the following two conditions are true:

  1. The user has opened an email you sent through Mailpoet 
  2. The user has clicked a link within an email you sent through Mailpoet

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