How do I invite people to subscribe to my site?

In the Postmatic settings area of wp-admin you will see a tab to Send Invitations. Here you can invite users to your site in five different ways.

Import a list of addresses as a comma-separated list

This is the best option if you are migrating from Feedburner, Mailchimp, or another list service. Please note that as with any of these methods, your users will not immediately be imported. They will instead be sent an invitation to subscribe. We feel that this is a great solution to keep Postmatic from being used as a spam tool.

Invite commenters with more than a certain number of approved comments

This is a nice way to invite people that serve as the core commenters on your site. This is how to reach the people that frequently contribute.

Invite commenters which have been active within a certain period of time

If you would like to invite people that have been recently active on your site this is the way to do it. Choose how many months out you would like go. Want just folks you've heard from in the last 2 months? Easy to do.

Invite anyone that has ever had an approved comment

Very self explanatory, and effective :)

WordPress users who are not subscribed

If you have legacy users and would like to invite them to subscribe to post notifications you can now do so.

What happens next?

Once you have chosen who to invite you can enter in a personalized message. An invitation will be sent requiring the users reply agree in order to subscribe.

For more information about how to use Postmatic's invitation system, check out the video below.

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