How to use Postmatic Precheck

Postmatic works hard to ensure that your emailed blog posts look fantastic. Unfortunately, there are so many different ways to compose a blog post (page builders, plugins, etc.) that it's hard for us to be compatible with all technologies.

Postmatic Precheck to the rescue! This nifty functionality keeps an eye on your content while you're working on your posts so you can address any trouble spots. 

Here's how it works - after installing Postmatic on your website, you'll notice something new in your blog post editor. The Publish meta box will now display a Postmatic Precheck message right near the Publish button.

If your post is happy with the conversion to email, then you'll get a green Looks good message.

If there's anything in your post that will cause issues in the email version, then you'll get a red Potential problem message.

If you click on the red Potential problem message, you'll be taken to a meta box below your post editor named Postmatic Email Content. Here you'll find a list of all issues with your post as it's currently written.

You'll also notice a Customize Email Version button. This button is going to introduce you to your new best friend - you now have the ability to craft email-specific versions of your posts!

When you click on the Customize Email Version button, you'll see a pop-up screen like the one below. It's basically telling you that from this point forward, any changes you make to your blog post will not be reflected in the new email version. 

You have two options for how to deal with this:

  1. Wait until your blog post is completely finished before creating the email version.
  2. Make updates to the email version as you make changes to the blog post.

Once you've decided on your approach, go ahead and click on the OK button. A WYSIWYG editor will appear in the Postmatic Email Content meta box along with your blog post content.

After addressing any trouble spots in the email version, be sure to click on the Save Draft button.

In our example, we've embedded a video using theme-specific shortcode. For the email version, we're replacing the video with an image of the video, and linking the image to YouTube. After saving our changes, the Publish meta box is now giving us a green Looks good message.

If we click on the green Looks good message, we're taken to the Postmatic Email Content meta box. We can see that our email version is good to go because we get the following message: No content issues were detected.

Once your email version is done, you can publish your post -  the email-specific version will be sent to your subscribers and the web version will remain as it was originally written.

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