I got the message "Your key was registered for a different site".

When adding your Postmatic API key to your website in the WordPress dashboard, you might get the following error message as shown below:

Your key was registered for a different site. Please request a key for this site's dedicated use, or contact us for assistance. Thanks!

This error often indicates that you haven't registered your website's url exactly as defined in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > General. This is something you can easily fix yourself - it involves adding or removing the "www" at the beginning of your url.

Here's what you do:

  1. Log in to your Postmatic account.
  2. Next to your url, click on Modify, Upgrade, API Key.

  3. Click on the Update Address button.
  4. Correct your website by either adding a "www" or by removing the "www" from the url. When finished, click on the Add Site button.
  5. When your site has been updated successfully, go back to your WordPress dashboard and try entering the API key again. You will know that your API key was accepted when you get the message Settings saved.
  6. That's it - you're good to go!

    If this procedure didn't solve your problem, please contact us and we'll help you fix things.

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