I got the message "That doesn't really look like a valid WordPress install".

When adding Postmatic to your website and creating an API key, you might get the following error message as shown below:

That doesn't really look like a valid WordPress install. Are you sure you haven't installed WordPress in a subdirectory, like 'wp', 'blog' or 'wordpress'? If you are having trouble you can find the exact address you need in your WordPress settings: Settings > General : Site Address.

Postmatic relies on the WordPress Ajax interface, and tests to make sure it is working. In most cases the cause of this error is some kind of limitation of this interface by the host or intermediate services like Incapsula. 

There are also other reasons why you might be getting this error message. We're happy to troubleshoot with you to determine the source of the problem. Please contact us and let us know what's going on.

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