Setting up Google+

Note: These directions assume that you have enabled Google+ APIs for your website. If you haven't yet done so, follow the directions here to get set up.

Create a new Google Apps application

Log in to Google and visit

Create New Project

Select Create a project from the drop-down menu.

Add the name of your project, then click on the Create button.

Add the Google+ API

Click on the Enable and manage APIs link.

Scroll down to the Social APIs section and click on the Google+ API link.

Visit the credentials area and add a credential

Click on the Credentials link.

Make sure the credential that you add is an OAuth client ID.

Configure your consent screen

Click on the Configure consent screen button.

The consent screen is the pop up that your visitors will see when connecting to their profile. Add as much information as you can. Your logo, privacy policy, and website name are all a great start. Be sure to click on the Save button when you're done.

Configure your client ID

  1. Be sure that the application type is set to Web application.
  2. Give the application a Name.
  3. Copy the authorized redirect URL from your WordPress dashboard into the authorized redirect URL box in your Google app.
  4. Click on the blue Create button.

Grab your keys and get going!

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret into the corresponding setting boxes in Postmatic Social Commenting. Click on the Save Settings button.

When you're ready for the Google+ login to go live, change the Status button to the On position, then click on Save Settings.

That's it!

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