Does Postmatic work with membership plugins?

There are as many WordPress membership plugins as, well,  days of the month. We have not tested Postmatic with very many nor heard from too many users about general compatibility. We'd love to hear from you about your experience with using Postmatic with the membership plugin of your choice.

Here is a general guideline

Postmatic works by leveraging the native user, posts, and comments functionality of WordPress. That is the big picture to keep in mind when considering your membership plugin.


Postmatic creates a WordPress user for any person who wishes to subscribe to your site. If the user already exists Postmatic adds user meta-to the existing profile rather than creating a brand new user. This makes it possible for users who are already members to them subscribe to site content.


Postmatic sends posts to any users in your WordPress database that have subscribed. If you are creating restricted content which should only be available to members, you need to put measures in place to make sure nonmembers cannot subscribe to your site. This may mean restricting the following Postmatic features from nonmembers:

  • The widget
  • Optins
  • Subscription forms you have created with Caldera or Gravity
  • Pages or posts which have the Postmatic shortcode


In order for your members to reply to a post notification and leave a comment, comments must be open on the post at the time it was published and remain open for the duration. Membership plugins which disable commenting will result in bounced messages.

Known tips for individual membership plugins


WP-Members provides a  huge assortment of filters and action hooks to give you more control over its behavior. To ensure compatibility with Postmatic you'll need to take advantage of two of them. Both should be added to the functions.php file of your theme or other site-specific code area.

1. Be sure emailed posts are visible and do not show a login screen

add_filter( 'prompt/post_rendering_context/modifiers', 'postmatic_members_remove_securify_filter' );
function postmatic_members_remove_securify_filter( $modifiers ){
	global $wpmem;
	remove_filter( 'the_content', array( $wpmem, 'do_securify' ), 99 );
	return $modifiers;

2. Allow comments arriving from Postmatic

add_filter( 'wpmem_securify_comments', 'postmatic_members_securify_comments_filter' );
function postmatic_members_securify_comments_filter( $open ) {
	if ( did_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_prompt/pull-updates') ) {
		return true;
	}else {
		return $open;

Please note that this document is a work in progress. Please email with any updates, discoveries, or ideas.

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