What are the different things users can subscribe to?

Postmatic Basic

Postmatic Basic lets your users subscribe to three different parts of your WordPress site:

All new posts

The simplest and most common subscription is lets users subscribe to all new posts. When placing the widget on a page or category/date archive subscriptions to new posts will be triggered.

Individual Authors

When placing the widget on an author archive page it will trigger a subscription to just that author.

Comments on a single post

When a user subscribes when leaving a comment they are only subscribed to the comments on that post.

Postmatic & Postmatic Labs

The full version of Postmatic can add more things to subscribe to.


Instead of getting an email for every post, you can set up periodic digests of posts.

Notes (Coming Soon)

Notes will add a platform for content that is sent to subscribers but not published as a post.

What about category-based subscriptions?

We have not yet developed category-based subscriptions. It is not on the roadmap for the near future.

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