Will already subscribed users be prompted to subscribe when using Postmatic Optins?

There are two possible scenarios that may arise when using Postmatic Optins regarding already subscribed and/or logged in users. Here is what you can expect.

Public (logged out) users...

...Who are not already subscribers

Optins will show to logged out unsubscribed users using their full content and at all times you have specified in the options screens.

...Who are already subscribed

Optins will show to already subscribed users that are logged out. However, when the user presses the subscribe button they will be shown a message that they are already subscribed.

Logged in users...

...Who are not currently subscribed

Logged in users who are not currently subscribed will be shown optins with a simplified interface (just a subscribe button) since their name and email address are already known.

...Who are currently subscribed

Logged in users who are currently subscribers will be shown optins but a message will display alerting them that they are already subscribed. The exception is the Popup: it will not be shown to logged in subscribed users.

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