Choose which mode is right for your theme

Epoch can integrate with your theme in three different ways. Give each a try and see what works for you.

  • Override Completely: Entirely replace the comment template which came with your theme. Much like Disqus or Jetpack Commenting. Works in all themes. 
    • Beta Warning: This method is great for ensuring functionality in all themes but is not compatible with many 3rd party commenting plugins, even the ones we recommend. In particular WP Markdown and WP Social Login will not work with this method. We'll have that resolved soon.
  • Use my typography and colors: Override the comment template which came with your theme while still using colors, typography settings, and branding that you have in place. Works well in most themes.
  • Minimally: Attempt to use the comment style that came with your theme. This approach is highly unstable and depends on the coding practices of your theme developer. Try it. Maybe it'll work! If not, try one of the other settings.

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