I'm having trouble importing my Mailchimp lists

We have a very strict policy regarding user imports: we will never allow anyone to be subscribed to a blog running Postmatic without them having opted in (such as subscriber lists bought and imported in bulk for spamming). Because of this our Mailchimp importer may give you a message that not all of your subscribers were imported.

We will not import any MailChimp subscribers unless the following two conditions are true:

  1. The user has double opted-in to your MailChimp list
  2. The user exists on a list which is at least 60 days old
Why so strict?

Bulk importing unwilling users is easy in MailChimp. If we did not hold our import to a higher standard those unwilling users could be imported into Postmatic. And then they would spam your users. MailChimp is a one-way street. Postmatic is a conversation. That's a very important difference.

But we do have good news

Our importer will prompt you to send a customized invitation to any users that did not meet our requirement. They will be invited to join your site by simply replying. This is a nice way to let them know you are starting up a new list and pruning the users that may no longer be interested.

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