Migrating subscribers from Subscribe to Comments/Reloaded

Postmatic can import your subscribers from Subscribe to Comments and its variants with a single click. 

Your subscribers and the posts they subscribed to will be migrated to Postmatic subscriptions silently. They'll keep receiving notices of new comments, but this time they can hit reply. 

Plugins supported by the migration tool and this tutorial

  • Subscribe to Comments
  • Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
  • Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments

Something important to know if you are using Subscribe to Comments Reloaded: Reloaded has a setting which lets users subscribe to only direct replies to their comment. It is off by default but hidden in there. Postmatic does not offer replies-only functionality at this time. Users that subscribed to replies-only will be imported and converted to all-replies subscribers.

Step One: Consolidate the Subscribers into Reloaded

If you are running Subscribe to Comments Reloaded you can skip to step two.

Of all the variations of Subscribe to Comments it is Subscribe to Comments Reloaded which is the most well maintained and easiest for us to work with. So we based our importer on it. In a nutshell here is the process:

If you are running Subscribe to Comments or Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments you'll need to first upgrade to Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and follow the instructions for migrating your legacy data. In most cases all you do is activate Reloaded. We know, it sounds crazy. Trust us though. This process will clean up your database and get everybody nicely organized for Postmatic to grab a hold of them.

After you have installed Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and completed any necessary upgrade steps you can continue on to step two.

Step Two: Check your version of Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

The migrator only works with version 150422 and later. If there is an upgrade available please do so now.

Step Three: Run the Postmatic migration tool

  1. Visit Settings > Postmatic in your WordPress dashboard and hit the Import tab. 
  2. You'll see a little button to perform the import. Click it.
  3. Disable Subscribe to Comments, Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, or any variation thereof.
  4. That's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been using Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and offer my users the ability to subscribe to just replies to their specific comment. What happens to these subscribers?
Postmatic does not offer the ability to subscribe to just replies to your own comments. These subscribers will be imported and subscribed to the full conversations instead. At that point they can unsubscribe if they wish. Heavy-handed? Yes. We'll update the importer if we ever support just replies. 


I'm not seeing the option to import from Subscribe to Comments
This may be because you are not running a recent enough version. See step two, above.
It could also be that you never had subscribers... but that is rare. If you are sure you have subscribers but are not seeing the tab please email support.

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