How to use Postmatic for email-based collaboration

We have big plans for the future of WordPress collaboration using Postmatic. For now, though... here is a quick tutorial on how to set up a WordPress site for email-based project management, collaboration, organizing, or planning your next WordCamp.

Install Postmatic

This one is pretty easy. You'll find it in the WordPress repo. Consider reading our installation docs, found in the related articles section of this page.

Be sure authors become subscribed to posts they write

In Settings > Postmatic > General you'll find an option to automatically subscribe authors to posts which they write. It is enabled by default. Keep it that way. This will make sure whomever starts a new conversation always receives replies.

Tell your users to make sure they are subscribed to all site content as well

This is the trickiest part. Each user that wants to participate in your grand project needs to visit their profile settings in wp-admin and subscribe to all site comments. There is no way for the admin to do this for each user. It's a spam thing. If you haven't already we recommend turning on a  front-end-profile plugin such as Theme My Login.

Consider enabling new posts via email

Great. At this point any new post which is published will be sent to all of your users via email. If you want to make things 100% email based and allow your users to start new conversations from their inbox consider using Postie.  We have a blog post all about it on our site.

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