Disabling conflicting subscription & commenting plugins

An important last step to installing Postmatic is to be sure you have disabled other plugins that provide redundant functionality. 

Subscription plugins

Make sure to disable other plugins which may be sending notifications of new posts to your subscribers. You wouldn't want your users getting two copies. 

Subscription plugins to check for

  • Jetpack Subscriptions
  • Mailpoet
  • Subscribe2
  • New Post Notification
  • Newsletter

Comment notification plugins

Be sure you aren't giving your users multiple ways to subscribe to comment notifications. The easiest way to know you've got it nailed is to visit a single post on your site while logged out. The only subscription-related wording you want to see at the bottom of your comment form is Participate in this conversation via email.

Comment notification plugins to check for

  • Jetpack Commenting
  • Jetpack Subscriptions
  • Subscribe to Comments / Reloaded / Better Unsubscribe
  • Send email only on Reply to My Comment
  • Comment Notifier No Spammers
  • Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments
  • Comment Notifier

How to tell you may still be running one of the above:

You'll know something isn't right if you see too many checkboxes on your comment form when logged out of your site:

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