What anti-spam plugins and techniques do you recommend?

Spam comments take on a whole new meaning when you are running Postmatic. Not only will the comment appear on your site, but it will also be sent out as an email to any users which have subscribed to comments on that post. That's something to take very seriously.

The good news is that spam comments don't need to exist. There are plenty of tools to stop spam comments from being published. Our recommended setup is as follows:

  1. Install WPBruiser (formerly GoodBye Captcha) or WP-SpamShield. These plugins make it quite difficult for spambots to even submit a spammy comment on your site. They are fantastic.
  2. Use a spam filtering service such as Akismet or CleanTalk. Akismet comes bundled with every WordPress install and is free to use for non-commercial use. In our 10 years of Wordpress experience it has proven time and again to do an extremely good job of marking suspect comments as spam. And it keeps getting better every year. If a comment does get by WordPress Zero Spam then Akismet should take care of it pretty handily. If you use it please do consider making a donation.

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