How to Customize the Footer

Postmatic Basic 

Postmatic Basic users can customize the text in the footer. From your dashboard go to Settings > Postmatic, then click on the Your Template tab.

Simply type your desired text in the box provided next to Email footer type. Be sure to save your changes.


Postmatic Premium users can choose between displaying text or widgets in the footer. From your dashboard go to Settings > Postmatic, then click on the Your Template tab.

If you want to use text, select the No widgets button next to Enable Widgets.Type your desired text in the box next to Email footer text. When your'e done, scroll down and click on the Save Changes button.

If you'd like get fancier with widgets, select the Yes, use widgets in my Postmatic template button next to Enable Widgets. Scroll down and click on the Save Changes button.

From your dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a new sidebar called Postmatic Posts Footer. You can drag any combination of widgets to the sidebar, although we recommend using no more than three (otherwise things get smushed). 

Please note that not all widgets are compatible with Postmatic – we tested a selection of them and you can find which ones work best in our Widget Directory. Some ideas include latest posts, latest comments, a donate button, author bios, or even advertisements. A favorite all around is Black Studio TinyMCE. This widget allows you to insert any html content including images.

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